Ric Charlesworth Stepped Down As Coach of the Australian Men’s Hockey Team

Are you a fan of the club Kookaburras? If yes, then you must be prepared to not see Charlesworth match in Glasgow which will be held next month and can place your bet with sbobet. The coach has made a decision not to train the student club he had long ago. This news was surprising all parties, including the management team and the players. Kookaburras victory at the World Cup that took place in the Netherlands on Sunday (15/6) is the last game with the team.
Charlesworth said that the matches in the World Cup that took place in the Netherlands it are the culmination of a very good career for himself. The game was becoming hard to forget and he appreciated all the efforts of players and an excellent management team. For some time to come he will only see all the matches in the Commonwealth.
Since the announcement was unveiled by the team can still train Charlesworth Kookaburras team up before the game in Glasgow. Several members of the management team are very disappointed with this tough decision, but they respect the reasons expressed by Charlesworth. Training and word received by the team will continue to be used until he could win the title in Glasgow and retain world cup champion.

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